Bess & Color To Disrupt The Nail Polish Industry In a New Movement That Will Soon Take Over

Bess & Color to disrupt the nail polish industry in a new movement that will soon take over

 I will cut to the chase. Part of this new movement is also a movement of no BS. People are so sick of being sold to, all they want is the cold hard facts. No more buzzwords, no more salesy sounding phrases. They just want to know about a product and what it really does. 
 One VERY underserved industry in general is the NAIL POLISH industry. It honestly hasn't changed for a while, but new voyagers are starting to take notice on what it lacks and taking the steps to disrupt this industry and evolve it in a new way. Here is how:

10-Free Nail Polish is becoming a requirement to the health conscious users

Don't know what 10-free is? It means your nail polish is free of the 10 most toxic chemicals commonly found (almost always found) in nail polishes. 
I could go on and on about what these chemicals are and what they do, but I found another blog that goes very detailed into this, and you should totally give it a read! 
Some nail polishes are 3-free, 5-free, 7-free, but 10-free is the most clean out of all of these and its kind of setting the standard. People want more healthy cosmetic products and are becoming hyper aware of what they put on their body. Most users would have no way of knowing because there is barely any talk about nails yet! Not cool. We want to bring it up, and we want to set the new standard for what you put on your nails. 
We want people to read labels and put down polishes that they feel are harmful to their body. That is why we put clearly on the front of our bottles that our polish is 10 Free, vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA.

Vegan, Cruelty Free & Made in the USA are also becoming the new standard in the beauty industry

Again, consumers want transparency. How will people know if their product is cruelty free if its not put on the packaging? It's a little alarming if it's NOT clear. None of us want to harm animals in the making. If a beauty company doesn't care about animals, how can it care about you? When Bess & Color was started, there was absolutely no question in our minds that our product needed to be vegan and cruelty free. There is no acceptable reason why this product should need to be tested on animals or contain animal products. 
Companies being made in the USA is also a big deal. It sustains the people around you and you know it's close to home. 

We want to start a conversation 

We want to start talking about the nail industry and see smaller, boutique brands rise up and become leading brands because of their transparency and no BS tolerance. We are one of the handful of brands latching onto this movement and talking about it. Eventually, it will become mainstream and widely known once we keep pushing this information. Our goal is to see healthy and honest brands on the shelves at stores and to be widely used in nail salons. Brands that say clearly what they do and what ingredients they contain. 

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