What our customers are buzzing about

What our customers are actually saying about our polish

Take it from our super happy customers. They have been awesome and spreading the word about our healthier nail polishes. 
We have bloggers, yoga masters, meditators, vegans & animal lovers alike raving about our polishes. We also have tons of ladies who just love our colors and love that we offer a healthier option to paint their nails with. 
Check it out for yo self! Here are some of the things our community had to say.
Link to this whole blog post. Liv is a fashion blogger and talks all about the items that are in her Bridesmaid proposal gifts! 
And now here are some Instagram stories all about our products. Why am I posting "non-aesthetic" screenshots?? Because I'm not trying to fluff you up and make everything about aesthetics. Do you know what talks better than pretty pictures? An actual living customer enjoying my product and taking a photo because they were excited. So boom, here you go!



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