This "SHOP TO FUNDRAISE" sale is active between 9/10-9/11 12:00 pm EST.
 50% of all orders placed will be donated to an orphanage in need located in Uganda. If you wish to additionally donate, please feel free to donate directly to the link above. Every donation is helpful and they greatly appreciate all of our support. 

Who Are We Helping?

Hope Giving Foundation is a small orphanage with nearly 15 children in a rural Ugandan village, with children as young as 1.5 years old. Many of the children share similar stories. Covid hit their community hard. The young men who run the orphanage at one point relied on farming for income. The pandemic took those jobs away, and they started to rely on their own community for help, until the community could no longer support them either. 
Just months ago before this orphanage got support, they would go days without food. A few times they went as long as 5 days with little or nothing to eat. It is sad, but this is not an isolated incident. Many orphanages in countries like these are suffering from food shortages and lack of resources. The Ugandan government does not financially support many orphanages, so it is up to people like us to help provide finances to help them grow. 

Current Obstacles For Them

Emmanuel and his brother Batanda care for over a dozen orphans in a small rural Ugandan village. They are in charge of feeding, housing, and getting clean water for these children. These young men are in their early 20's, they are hardly adults themselves, serving these children from their hearts. 

Recently, Emmanuel (pictured here) had gall bladder stones that needed to surgically be removed. As you can imagine, this was very costly and luckily the funds were able to be raised for it. Because raising funds takes time, he went weeks in severe pain. 
Just this week one of the children injured themselves. This child is 8 years old and fully relying on us. The injury became infected and they ended up catching Malaria and Typhoid fever. They are currently hospitalized and in need of medication that they cannot afford. 

What Will The Funds Support?

Currently one child in the orphanage is in need of medication for Malaria and Typhoid Fever. This child recently got injured and contracted these sicknesses from an infected wound. The child is only 8 years old and is waiting on medication to heal. The medication is very expensive and the orphanage cannot buy it on their own, they need help. 

Immediately, funds will go towards the medical expenses for treating this young boy. Additionally, all other expenses are going to immediate needs such as food and water. Beyond that, funds are being raised to help them buy land to farm so they can grow and sell food and become more sustainable in their community. The long term goal is to help them build a firm foundation so they can be sustainable in the long term.